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There is nothing better than easy and healthy cooking! Now it's possible to cook, bake, even roast, fry and stir-fry with the 100% pure and organic  Royal Green coconut cooking cream!


Wait, wait, that's not end of the good news! The first product we launch in the Swedish Naturalbox, June issue, is an odourless coconut cooking cream, and that means you can use it to any food you make and its unique feature is that it doesn't have any smell of coconut! Now more variations, more ideas will become reality.

We are proud to introduce the 100% odourless coconut cream from certified organic farming. To bake, roast, stir fry and fry has never been so healthy. Also suitable as a substitute for butter. Rich in lauric acid.

The certified organic coconut oil from Royal Green is a super healthy oil that retains all its good qualities when heated. Ideal to use instead of olive oil. While baking, roasting, stir frying or frying no harmful ingredients or free radicals are formed. Easy digestible and without trans fats.

Royal Green provides you with the following guarantees:
•Certified organic
•Odourless or taste delicious coconut
•0% trans fats
•Contains up to 56% lauric acid

At Royal Green they believe there is only one way to enjoy life in a healthy way: nature's way! And we at Naturabox share the passion for all what's natural and organic. Royal Green uses only ingredients of the highest quality. Always pure nature, safe and if possible certified organic. Organic ingredients are a gift of nature and the team Royal Green is so passionate to deliver this wisdom of nature. They take good care of our beautiful planet and actively support organic farming and sustainable agriculture all over the world. So enjoy life and stay healthy!

Naturalbox Team falled in love in Royal Green from the first sight and we gladly launched Royal Green in Sweden, on May 8th at Fitness Galan, at Globen, with its 100% organic odourless COCONUT COOKING CREAM. Buy the June Naturalbox issue with Royal Green here!

Have a healthy Happy day!