Christmas is just behind the corner. Check with us what kind of organic surprises Santa has prepared for you this year together with Naturalbox and Veganbox. 

Yogi Tea Sweet Chai. There is no Christmas without Yogi Tea. You will fall in love with the natural spicy sweetness of the Sweet Chai blend. Anise, fennel, liquorice and clove combine to impart a deliciously intriguing flavour. Sit back and enjoy a naturally sweet cup of Yogi Tea with your family by the christmas tree.


Phenomé is our best pick when it goes to organic skincare. Rose, essential oils, and organic plant waters. Everything will delicately pamper your epidermis during the freezing cold winter time. Remember not to use face cream containing tap water. Your skin cells will very suffer when the water will be freezing in your epidermis. Check Phenomé assortment in our store.

Naturalbox is happy to launch Kookie Cat in Sweden. It's totally safe and healthy for your health - organic, vegan, gluten free. 

Loving Earth - wonderful vegan and organic chocoalte with various surprising flavours. You want to keep it always in your kitchen.

Official launch in Sweden. A must-eat dainty from Bulgaria! First world chocolate with superfoods such as lucuma, chia & hemp. Vegan and organic. Please meet ROCAO

Kent & Fraser - also new brand in Sweden, selling delicious cookies with butter. Who wouldn't like them..

How do you like our choice of products? Share with us your thoughts. Wait.. that's not all. There is more products coming to you for Christmas. 

Lots of organic love, 



Alicja Chlebna
Alicja Chlebna


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