Visiting My Muesli Store - Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 11

Hej Alla! 

My recent discovery made me write this blog post. Åh so, MY MUESLI.... This brand made me fall in love from the first sight in their absolutely fabulous products. Organic, is not enough, I always repeat. This brand has the soul. I discovered My Muesli at Instagram and at the same time I was contacted by the awesome Team My Muesli. Also during these days our team Naturalbox & Veganbox - me & Eva - was participating at the Nordic Ecommerce Summit on May 18th in Stockholm. We were lucky enough to meet there live for the first time Team My Muesli when they were serving a delicious choice of mueslis for a breakfast. How happy I was - you can imagine and check on the photos later on. 

Anyway, the first impression is the last impression and it was amazing. The store looked so charming from outside, the exposition in the window was so colourful and inviting, the door with an elegant arch and the building was very elegant. I really like this kind of stores. They make you feel like you want to come back here very quickly. When we entered the friendly stuff welcomed us happily and directly took care of our team very professionally. 

All the mueslis looked incredibly beautiful - all the rainbow colours and flavours. There are big My Muesli tubes and small mueslis 2 Go. Very smart concept, organic approach and with vegan alternatives. I really like the personalized My Muesli tubes for ex. My Happy Divorce. I think it's very funny and life is nothing else about but smile, happiness and health. 

Please look at the photo report below and let us know what do you think! Thank you My Muesli for the very best impression and excellent service. Of course we left the store at Mäster Samuelsgatan 11, Stockholm with bags and many hands full of My Muesli. Naturalbox & My Muesli made a fantastic collaboration and soon all our Subscribers and Customers will receive My Muesli 2 Go in their boxes and the big tubes in the limited birthday edition of Naturalbox. Stay tuned. 

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Lots of green love, 
Yours Naturalbox

Alicja Chlebna
Alicja Chlebna


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