August Box | Brown Sugar & Lime

Thank you for the 3 fantastic years with Naturalbox! We are happy to surprise you every month and inspire to more healthy, organic & plant based living. Let’s continue this holistic organic celebration. Our team Naturalbox has prepared a couple of surprises for the coming month. You have to be our Subscriber in order to discover them! 

Here’re some treasures to discover this month:

MY MUESLI 2 GO! A perfect snack for active people. You want to have my muesli anywhere you go? Whether on safari or at the office - mymuesli2go can now join you on the go. Just remove the lid, add milk and enjoy!


BROWN SUGAR SHAMPOO FRÅN URTEKRAM. It’s true – sugar has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and it keeps your scalp in balance. Urtekram has used plenty of golden cane sugar crystals and nature’s own moisture magnet – aloe vera, giving you soft foam and holistic experience.


LIME DEO ROLL-ON. URTEKRAM. Enjoy the sweet scent of lime while bacteria and bad odour are a thing of the past due t onatural mineral salt. Shake well before use.


VIVOO RAW CHOCOLATE. Organic Italian chocolate with superfoods? Life couldn’t taste better! Discover all the Vivoo chocolates here


VIVOO RAW VEGAN FRUIT BAR. Energy fruit bar with baobab that contributes to normal collagen formation supporting healthy skin. It’s boosting your immune system and energy level.


RAW BITE SPICY LIME. A warming alternative for the coming Autumn & Winter. The organic power bar with lime, chilli and ginger for energy and wellbeing - 100% vegan and gluten free nut bit.


VITA COCO Café Mocha. For a good start of your day, Naturalbox serves you a strong shot of espresso with a splash of reduced fat milk, a dash of cocoa and coconut water.


HURRAW! Moon balm. Raw, vegan, organic. Regenerating must have for your lips after the summer. Hurraw! 

Team Naturalbox

Alicja Chlebna
Alicja Chlebna


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