In the November Naturalbox issue "Fitness Box" you will discover the new 100% organic certified, vegan, raw and gluten free Blueberry protein bar from Paleo Crunch made of nuts, seeds, berrys and fruit. The mix of ingredients made the flavor really interesting and perfectly balanced. The bar is fortified with pea protein powder isolate, to raise the protein content. Pea protein powder is a great vegan source of protein, with high content of essential amino acids lysine, leucine, isoleucine and valine. For above reasons our health experts recommeds this protein bar as an ideal post-workout for everyone. 

Let's look at the ingredients: each bar contains superfoods - 2.5 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder as equivalent 25g fresh blueberries. This together with raw vanilla powder makes the bar tastes like a blueberry pie. Our protein bar is perfect to take as a healthy snack or after training to maximize recovery.

Ingredients: Dates *, almond *, pea protein powder *, raw agave syrup*, pumpkin seeds *, cashew*, raw blueberry powder* (5%), vanilla powder* , Himalayan salt.

*= organic certified product. European organic label: CT-BIO-002

May contain traces of other nuts and sesame seeds. May contain Nutshell & fruit stones. Store in a dry and cool place. Best before: 9 months from manufacturing. Produced in the Czech Republic for Paleo Nordic in Åre.

Ha en fin dag!
Alicja, Naturalbox

Alicja Chlebna
Alicja Chlebna


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